Spring Hill High School held its 2023 High School graduation May 15th at Hempstead Hall.The event was very well-attended with theater seats almost completely full.
The students won over $800,000 in scholarships.
The salutatorian, Isabella Lewallen,  talked about remembering Kindergarten like it was yesterday. She stated  every student had worked as hard as she had to get there. She went on to relate humorous memories such as a student falling over in her chair but mostly she remembered cheering on everybody and working as a team. She advised the younger students not to rush their high school years and not to spend all their time studying.
She thanked everyone who had gotten her there – God, her parents for having her back even if they didn’t always agree with her decisions, her classmates and peers. She thanked the teachers for not only teaching her the subject matter but also time management and other life skills. She stated that it wasn’t simply a school but also a family.
The valedictorian, Addie Carrilo, said after 13 long years there was a huge debt of gratitude for those sho taught and inspired them. She thanked the teachers for spending their time and talent over and above the call of duty. She thanked the parents in more ways than the students could count. The coaches received thanks for the lesson of powering through adversity. The principal and counselors also were thanked. She encouraged her classmates to be kind to everyone around them, stating that sometimes somebody needs a little act of kindness and for her classmates to make it a lifestyle.
The principal, Ronald Smead, stated it had been a privilege to serve them as a principal and for them to be his first graduating class.