MURFREESBORO – Nevada County Judge Mike Otwell was recently in a one-vehicle accident totaling a county-owned vehicle.

According to reports from the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, the accident occurred at 4:28 p.m., May 6 on Hwy. 26 East at the Saline Creek Bridge. The accident was worked by PCSO Deputy Obie Laurent. The report states he found a 2022 Dodge Ram pickup on the west bound lane blocking it with disabling damage to the bridge guard rail on the east side. He talked with Otwell, who said he wasn’t hurt. According to the report, Otwell was heading wet on Hwy. 26 when a large feral hog came out in the highway and he swerves to avoid it, hitting the bridge and totaling his truck.

M&M Wrecker service was requested to come and get the county vehicle.

According to the report, road conditions were dry at the time and no drug or alcohol tests were administered.