The Hope/Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting for the Downtown Market on East 2nd in downtown Hope.   Both Mayor Don Still  and John Sitzes expressed their appreciation of the project. Mayor Still stated that he appreciated people investing in the downtown and bringing business to the downtown. He thought it was a great project.
Sitzes, President of the Hope Downtown Network,  noted they had held back from bothering the owners and going in the store while the job was completed. It was noted the owners have done a beautiful job renovating the building. The timing was right with the Flea Market on Highway 29 South closing down.
Owner Kamber Henson was asked about her inspiration. She stated she likes creative pieces, likes to thrift, find a good deal and offer a good deal. Henson said she found a big enough space and always loved the building. She wanted to create a nice space for the flea market. Henson stated there were more than 50 vendors and they would have to create a waiting list because more are eager to join.
The Downtown Market is located in the building the most recently housed Ken’s Carpet World.  It is known by long-time residents as the “old J.C. Penney building” as the iconic department store was located in the building from the 1930’s until the mid 1980’s.